My new song

I wrote it and I sing lead vocals.  Give it a listen.  It's available on all platforms: Amazone,  ITunes...etc.

Get my new song, Nico's Song (With Out You) 99 cents

Till Tomorrow sung by Larry Thomas

 My second solo studio recording produced by Otto D'Agnolo.  A beautiful song and statement by Don McLean about relationships and their difficulty. Set up again for me by Angela Friis. #Seinfeld #Soupnazi #LarryThomas #relationships #Don McLean #Love #questions 

What's Forever For sung by Larry Thomas

My first studio solo recorded song. Produced by Otto D'Agnolo. A life long dream.  Thanks to Angela Friis.

Old Musical Theatre

Here I am in Once Upon a Mattress doing the number, "Very Soft Shoes" circa 1990