"I Gave At The Office" my favorite scene

 This is my favorite scene I have ever written .   I wrote the play  for a group of friends who all acted their parts wonderfully. But this scene always stood out as the best. The character of Jonathan acted brilliantly by Joseph Shackel (who I wrote farthest from the vest of the actor than any in the play) has to apologize for being a bit of a jerk when the girl he likes gets together with his friend at the office Xmas party. Also in the scene is Jim Miller and Claudia Fielding and briefly, Me.

Very Soft Shoes from Once Upon a Mattress

Check out this great video Here I'm playing the Jester in Once Upon a Mattress doing the number, "Very Soft Shoes" circa 1990 

Boy Meets Girl scene 1

 Boy Meets Girl 1 directed by me circa 1987 and yes, that's me in the blue sport coat. 

Boy Meets Girl scene 2

 Boy Meets Girl 2 directed by me circa 1987 and that's me as the crazy man in the blue shirt