YouTube Video from my Channel

Fun getting back to live Stage. Dinner At Five in Tempe, AZ 2018

Music Video for "It's Angela (The Wife I Choose)"

This is the official music video for my song to my wife, Angela Thomas Friis. The Song is available on all music platforms Written and sung by me (Larry Thomas), I also did the tap dancing and played vibraphone, produced by Stephen Costantino who also played guitar and accordion, bass guitar by Vince Tividad, backing vocal by Ronna Jones and engineered by Paul Erickson.Check out this great video

Dads! premier Q&A

Larry Thomas, David Castro and Rich Gill give a Q&A after the Dads! episode 1,2 premier at the L.A. Film School 6/28/18

Tapping to "It's Angela (The Wife I Choose)

Rehearsing some tap for my new song that I wrote and performed for my wife.  It will be released next week

Music Video for Nico's Song (With Out You)

The music video for the song I wrote and performed for my pilot, Dads!

The Love Suckers

This short film is currently burning up the 2017 film fest circuit.   Written and directed by Jim Politano and starring Eddie Deezen, Caryn Rickman and Larry Thomas

A Fistful of Quarters

This short film is one of my favorite projects ever, written and directed by Hugh Ross and staring Sarah Bibb and myself.  Very funny

Old Musical Theatre

Here I am in Once Upon a Mattress doing the number, "Very Soft Shoes" circa 1990